Annely Allen CLEC CD(DONA) 

birth services

Every pregnancy and birth

is as unique as the child born

It has been an incredible honor and privilege to support hundreds of families welcoming their babies into the world. Born in hospital, birth center, or home. Whether actually witnessing the birth or walking alongside in teaching or postpartum support.  This work was a calling quite extraordinary in it's run.  

I have recently made the decision to retire this year in 2022.  It was a decision not made lightly; life has a way of letting you know it is time.  Family obligations have grown and require my full time attention, I am blessed that I can be in this moment too.

My life is ever enriched by the women and the great choices they are making to bring their babies into this world.  I have met the most amazing people in our community that support families in this journey.  San Diego County is blessed to have such a wonderful place to give birth and raise a family. So much support available.

To all the families I have supported I am so grateful for you;  you blessed me tremendously with your trust inviting me to witness your journey.  

Wishing you all the best in life with your growing families.  God Bless you.