"Evidence shows that the most important thing is for women to have continuous labor support from someone– whether that person is a nurse, midwife, partner, or Doula.  However, with several birth outcomes, Doulas have a stronger effect than other types of support persons."  

from Evidencebasedbirth.com

What I offer

Women helping women give birth is an ancient practice that is still practiced widely around the globe today.  The term doula is the Greek word for woman caregiver or woman servant and is now widely accepted as the term for an experienced labor companion.

I am winding down my practice and currently working exclusively with Beautiful One Midwifery    

As a birth doula, I offer:

  • An initial complimentary interview to determine if we are a good fit.
  • Upon hiring me as your doula, unlimited support via email, phone, and text.
  • At minimum one prenatal visit in your home to discuss your birthing day.
  • Additional prenatal visits as requested to get to know one another.
  • Information & resources regarding pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum.
  • Assistance with preparation or review of your birth preferences.
  • Physical and emotional support during labor (beginning at home if you choose).
  • Supporting you and dad/partner during labor and in birth.
  • Immediate postpartum care typically 1 -2 hours after birth
  • If you wish, assistance with first latch and breastfeeding as needed.
  • Photography of birth (if available) or immediately after delivery.
  • An in home postpartum visit to reconnect with the new family to share your birth including a timeline of your labor. 
  • Postpartum support via email, phone and text.

       I also have back-up doulas in the unlikely event I am unavailable when you go into labor.