The class will include teaching and discussion of the following:

  • Stages of labor
  • Ways you can know when it's time to head to your place of birth
  • The way your baby and your body work together through your labor and birth
  • Options for comfort (both pharmacological and non-pharmacological)
  • Medical interventions and their place in labor and birth
  • Newborn procedures and options treatment you have
  • Packing for the hospital (what is great to take and what you don't need too)
  • Arriving at your place of birth and the check-in process
  • After baby arrives- your first days postpartum

Along with class instruction you will receive take home materials which include resource lists,  a birth plan template,and booklets from Plumtree Baby - For a preview of the booklets visit

Childbirth & Postpartum Basics

“When you change the way you view birth, the way you birth will change.” ~

Marie Mongan

In this class you will learn various ways in maintaining a Healthy Pregnancy, understanding the Birth Process, Finding Comfort for Your Labor & Preparation for Parenthood in the immediate weeks following the birth

of your baby.

Class Registration

So You're Having A Baby

Due to our current situation in life I had to change the class to a two session class each three hours long via zoom.

This class is packed full of information, you'll walk away with a booklet and handouts including a template birth plan, packing, & postpartum, lists as you prepare for your baby's birth.

Accelerated Virtual Class Saturday & Sunday

9:30a - 12:30p 

$100 per couple 


  • December 05 & 06

2021 classes to be announced soon

Class is taught as an interactive virtual class.

Instructor Annely Allen
Certified Doula having helped hundreds of
families with the birth of their babies.